Open Conference Systems, MISEIC 2018

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Use of Web Technologies for Practice Based Learning Model in Vocational Education: A Literature Review
Kustori Kustori, Rusijono Rusijono, Andi Mariono

Last modified: 2018-07-07


Practice-based learning model is about making the learning environment as realistic as possible and requires students to demonstrate what they know to linking theory and practice. The nature of web technologies such as user centered, flexibility, mobility and multimedia capability are the key features that make web technology as a potential match for practice based learning. Our objectives were to identify the use of web technologies for practice based learning model in vocational education and to summarize strengths and limitations identified in the literature. The research methodology for this study was to review published studies and research on practice-based learning and web technologies in vocational education, the range of which included literature reviews and empirical research. We searched for the term “web technologies†in combination with “practice based learning†and “vocational education†in various literatures databases, and looked for additional studies by key authors. No restrictions were placed on language or date. Searches were completed by March 16, 2018. Searches finds that web technologies has been widely used for practice based learning model in vocational education in developed country in America, Europe, and Australia though the implementation could be vary. This comprehensive literature review concludes with some of the advantages, drawbacks, and best practice of web technologies for practice-based learning model. Future research incorporating the implementation of web technologies, ideally in combination with other technologies for practice based learning model in vocational education, would be of value.


web; practice based learning; model of teaching