Open Conference Systems, MISEIC 2019

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Application of Tsunami early warning system as disaster mitigation in Bajul Mati - Gajahrejo, Malang
Amri Baihaqi Mashuda, Aisyah Dianing Pradipta, Hengky Herdianto

Last modified: 2020-02-02


The position of Bajul Mati area that is close to the coast can potentially have a Tsunami, so need for a Tsunami warning system like Digital Seismograph. The digital seismograph a same as analog seismograph except that vibration detector was replaced by a D7S-A0001-1 vibration sensor and ADXL 345 sensor. The three stations at the coordination of Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency, Indonesia on 07-18-2019 (12:20 to 13:20) in Gajahrejo Village, Gedangan Subdistrict, Malang there was no earthquake. This result is the same as results of measurements carried out using the Arduino Uno R3 based digital seismograph using the D7S-A0001-1 vibration sensor and ADXL 345 sensor. The earthquake detection system and Tsunami’s warnings run according to the system design and can alert when an earthquake and Tsunami occurs.


ADXL 345; Arduino; Bajul Mati; Gajahrejo; Tsunami; Warning System.