Open Conference Systems, MISEIC 2019

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The Skill of Sixth Grade Students in Using Multiple Representations in Fraction Addition and Subtraction Operations
Chodarusman Aliyasin

Last modified: 2020-02-02


This research aims to show the transition skills of sixth-grade students between representations (numerical, model, number, and verbal lines ) given in addition and subtraction operations of fractions and to analyze the ability of students to develop each type of representation. Subjects in this study were sixth-grade students consisting of 22 students, 10 of whom were male, and 12 of them were women. Data is collected through several students' representations in fractional operation tests. According to the results of the study, the achievement of students' different representations in addition operations was higher than the subtraction operation on fractions. Besides, it turns out that students are more successful in transitioning representations from numerical to numerical, models, numerical models, and numerical-models compared to other transitions of the two types of operations. This study also suggests that students' mistakes in other types of representations, such as number lines and verbal representation transitions.


Multiple representations; addition and subtraction of fractions; representational skills and transition between representations.

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