Open Conference Systems, MISEIC 2019

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The Development of Biological Learning Tool Based on Scientific Approach to Improve Students’ Learning Outcome
mohammad sukri, Rudiana Agustini, I Gusti Made Sanjaya

Last modified: 2020-02-02


This research aims to produce a biological learning tool based on the scientific approach to improve the learning outcome of vocational high school students.  This development uses a 4D model, and a trial on this tool has been conducted in the classroom by using one group pretest-posttest design.  Results of the research indicate that the validity of the lesson plan, teaching material, worksheet, and assessment sheet can be categorized as feasible with a good category in terms of instrument reliability. The implementation of the lesson plan is very good, with a good category on average in terms of instrument reliability. The prominent activity of the students is making observations. The response of the students to this tool and the learning is good and even positive.  The improvement of students' learning outcomes in the knowledge learning outcome (conceptual comprehension) has a score of 0.77 (high gain) on average. Based on data analysis, it can be concluded that this scientific approach based on biological learning tools can improve the learning outcome of students on the ecosystem material.


Biology Teaching sets, Scientific Approach , Student’s achievement

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