Open Conference Systems, MISEIC 2017

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The application of PHET media in cooperative learning type Student Team Achievement Division (STAD) magnetic force matter to improved the understanding of fifth grade student of SDN Lidah Wetan II/462.
Novi Suraya, Mustaji Mustaji, Suryanti - Suryanti

Last modified: 2017-08-11


This study aims to improve fifth grade of SDN Lidah Wetan II student learning result on magnetic force material using PhET media. This design research applied Class Action Research Kemmis and Taggart model that consisted of 3 cycles. Each cycle consisted of three stages of namely planning, implementation, observation and reflection. The subjects research were 30 students. Data collection techniques in this study applied observation. Research result data using PhET media showed improvement on student learning result. The learning result on first cycle with an average of 77 with a percentage of completeness as big as 47% increased to 84.6 for average learning result with a completeness percentage of 70%. Similarly, in second cycle also experienced an improvement in average learning result to 90.6 with a percentage of completeness as big as 93%. Based on the research results this study can be concluded that the application of PhET media in cooperative learning type STAD can improved fifth grade student learning activity and learning result of SDN Lidah Wetan II, therefore the application of PhET learning media was expected to be applied to learning on the same or different materials in order student’s learning completion appropriated with the purpose of learning.


PhET Media, STAD cooperative model, learning activity.